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About Innervision

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You love to hear the story how it all got started...

Innervision Filmworks, Inc. is a start-up Independent film enterprise engaged in the development and production of short and motion picture films for theatrical release and photography. IFI’s goals are to make films that will raise the consciousness of the American and International public storytelling entertainment that depict uplifting, faith based and positive roles in films, and that will be commercially exploitable to mass audience. IFI plans to change the emphasis of the movies from negative to positive, while providing meaningful and creative entertainment that will attract the entire family.

Due to the success of “feel-good” films during the economic downturns, there has been a general worldwide emphasis on returning to traditional positive values in life. For these reasons, uplifting and positive films with a creative story line have been making a comeback at the box-office and appeal moviegoers of all ages.